Lori Farrell needs to write a blog post everyday.

My mother has a story to tell approximately all of the time. So much so, that we often have to tell her NOT TO TELL THAT STORY because she can’t think of any reason (disturbing, embarrassing, otherwise scarring,) not to tell a story. And yet, she posts on her blog close to never, which confuses me to no end. If she has a million things to say constantly (most of which people really enjoy hearing,) and has a phone or computer with her almost all the time, why doesn’t she ever write? She know how much people like to read about even the most boring things, as evidenced by her long time enjoyment of a variety of blogs that update on their lives close to weekly, but she forgets that people want to read boring things about her also.

All this is the long way to say that Lori Farrell and I have officially engaged in a competition based on this conversation:

I intend to win.

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